...carries out the operational tasks for the distribution network operators and operates totally independently of the energy generators and suppliers. So Eandis does not itself generate of sell any energy, rather it ensures that the electricity and natural gas reach the customers in the best possible conditions.


...the Belgian transmission system operator, is part of the Elia Group (Elia Group is built around two transmission system operators: ELIA and 50Hz Transmission in North and East Germany, and is among the top 5 European TSOs). ELIA has three essential missions: infrastructure management and system development; operation of the electrical system; and market facilitator. In edition ELIA is also distribution system operator managing the grid from 30kV up to 70kV (4.800 km).

Universiteit Gent the INCREASE project coordinator and several of its departments is involved in the project. The research activities of the Electrical Energy Laboratory (EELAB) are focused on the different aspects of the integration of renewable energy sources in the electrical grid. IBCN has experience with design, implementation and evaluation of ICT architectures for smart grids and advanced control algorithms for demand response solutions. Research group LEMCKO has a lot of experience in the domain of power quality and renewables. LEMCKO has a test field for distributed generation where the DSO Eandis installed a network corresponding to the average Belgian LV distribution network. Power-Link, the energy knowledge platform of UGent, offers administrative support to scientific, demonstrative and educational projects, interlinks the business and research communities, supports basic and applied research in sustainable and renewable energy and stimulates the innovation and implementation of energy technologies.