Elektro Gorenjska a distribution company provides core services to approximately 10% of Slovenian territory (2,091 km² in the North-Eastern part of Slovenia). Distribution networks entails 15 110/20 kV transformer stations, nearly 1,400 MV/LV transformer stations and 110 kV to 0.4 kV networks with a total of 5,300 km network length, providing supply to more than 88,000 customers. More than 18% of the distributed electrical energy is produced in small distributed renewable resources connected to the distribution network.

KORONA Power Engineering an independent engineering and consulting company mainly engaged in the field of power and industry with detailed knowledge of systems’ demands, technological characteristics and operation conditions. KORONA’s expertise and execution excellence is focused on power plants, transmission and distribution substations, supervisory and control systems, industrial power and energy solutions, ICT solutions and EU R&D projects.

At the University of Ljubljana
...the research and education activities in the Laboratory for Energy Policy (LEST) mainly focuses on various issues related to power systems planning, operation and control, as well as energy policy and electricity markets regulation. The main research activities are focused on long-term security of supply forecasting, optimal operation of hydro-thermal systems, forecasting the availability of renewable energy sources and its support policy, asset management in generation and transmission, and power system economics.