INCREASE Summer School, Ghent, Belgium

From the 14th of July until the 17th 2015 the 1st INCREASE Summer School will take place in Ghent, Belgium.

During this week PhD students, post doc researchers and experts from the different industries from all over Europe and further are welcome to learn more about the distribution grid of tomorrow and how to integrate distributed renewable energy sources in the low-voltage distribution grid.

The full programme of the week is now finalized and fully detailed. It is available on this page.

The main structure is the following one:

- Day 1: The structure and operation of the distribution grid:

- Module 1: The distribution grid: structure, operation and challenges.
- Module 2: The transition from the traditional to the smart grid: topology, grid components and smart grid components.

- Day 2: Controlling the distribution grid of tomorrow and its components:

- Module 1: Introduction to control techniques: control and optimisation techniques.
- Module 2: The INCREASE control strategy: the local, overlaying and scheduling control, demonstration and hands on-experience.

- Day 3: Simulating the distribution grid of tomorrow

- Module 1: Introduction of modelling and simulation techniques: simulation platforms, modelling processes and techniques, smart distribution grids, distributed simulations, modelling of complex smart grids, and demonstration and hands-on experience.
- Module 2: The INCREASE simulation platform: OpenDSS environment and its application, intelligent control system modelling, ICT and Power System Co-simulation for the analysis of networked control strategies in distribution systems, and demonstration and hands-on experience.

- Day 4: Market models and visit to the Lemcko laboratory in Kortrijk, Belgium

- Module 1: Market models necessary to address the challenges: AS on the distribution level and market mechanisms for ancillary services provision.
- Module 2: Visit to the Lemcko laboratory in Kortrijk, Belgium: the lab and its capabilities, local storage in the distribution system, PQ introduction and demonstration of the INCREASE control strategies.

The Summer School will start on the 14th of July 2015 and end on Friday the 17th. Every day classes will start at 8.30am and end at 5.30pm. Classes will take place in Zebrastraat 32/001, 9000 Gent. As not all the costs are covered we ask for a participation fee of 200 euros (except for UGent PhD students: 100 euros). This fee includes lunch, coffee breaks, refreshments, course materials, transport to and from the visit to the Laboratory. This fee does not include transport to Belgium, accommodation costs and dinner costs.

Is your research dedicated to innovative research within the framework of smart grids? Or are you a professional interested in the grid of tomorrow? Apply now for this summer school as participation is limited! The application procedure is the following: send your motivation (referencing to your research/work) and CV before March 10th 2015 to You will be informed about our decision by the end of March 2015.

This Summer School is made possible with the support of the whole INCREASE consortium, the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission, the Doctoral Schools Programme of Ghent University and the Flemish Government.