INCREASE Mid Term Conference, Eindhoven, the Netherlands

During the PowerTech 2015 conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, also the INCREASE Mid Term Conference will take place. The conference will be organized as a special session of the PowerTech conference and thus in parallel with it.

The session will be organized on the 1st of July 2015 in the afternoon from 13.30h to 17.00h in the Zwarte Doos and the main theme will be ’Facilitating the transition to DSOs with high RES penetration - How to face voltage problems in low and medium voltage grids’.

During this INCREASE mid-term conference the focus is on how to tackle voltage problems in low and medium voltage grids. Not only will the INCREASE solution be presented here, but also other solutions will be discussed. Speakers of the following projects: evolvDSO, IDE4L, DREAM and IGreenGrid will share their views and solutions to the audience.

The detailed programme of this conference is:

- 13.30h-13.35h: Welcome and objectives of the conference (Lieven Vandevelde, Universiteit Gent)
- 13.35h-14.00h: How to solve voltage problems in the low and medium voltage grids? The INCREASE approach. (Lieven Vandevelde, Universiteit Gent)
- 14.00h-14.10h: Brief introduction of the evolvDSO project (Ricardo Bessa, INESC TEC)
- 14.10h-14.20h: A solution for low voltage networks (Pedro Barbeiro (INESC TEC)
- 14.20h-14.30h: A solution for medium voltage networks (Bhargav Swaminathan, Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble)
- 14.30h-15.00h: Brief introduction of the IDE4L project and voltage control linked to congestion management (Sami Repo, Tampere University of Technology)
- 15.00h-15.30h: Coffee break
- 15.30h-15.40h: Brief introduction of the DREAM project (Elisabeth Drayer, University of Kassel - Emmannuelle Vanet, Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble)
- 15.40h-16.00h: Presentation of the DREAM voltage control (Elisabeth Drayer, University of Kassel - Emmannuelle Vanet, Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble)
- 16.00h-16.10h: Brief overview of the IGREENGrid project (Despina Koukoula, ICCS-NTUA)
- 16.10h-16.30h: Overview of the voltage control schemes applied in the IGREENGrid demo sites (Despina Koukoula, ICCS-NTUA)
- 16.30h-17.00h: Discussion (Moderator: Lieven Vandevelde, Universiteit Gent)

Subscribing for this session is easy: send an email to before June 20th 2015 and mention in the subject: PowerTech 2015 INCREASE Mid-term Conference.